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Madame Bridget BoVardia

Matushka Zeml'Ja.      Blue Overtone Eagle.   


She specialises in creating new realities and birthing them through multi-dimensional portals into the world. 

She is a catalyst of change and healing whose purpose is to  ignite deeper levels of consciousness for the growth and evolution of humanity.  She does this as a sacred storyteller and mystic.  This has been her role over many lifetimes.


She lives in the forest next to a spectacular waterfall which  she has been initiated into as a Ranjgee Booroo...lightning spirit earth ground (activated Earth being living in the oneness of creation).  She is also initiated as a sacred fire keeper.

Her instincts guide her at all times and are tuned into her wild, pure, free and infinite nature.   She is a deep listener.

It is her joy and gift to spread love, healing and peace.  She understands art, music and creation is the most effective way to carry the messages to the world to initiate change and in accordance with the guidance she receives as an emissary of the divine mother.  We are one.  Peace.

Master Hung Sen;  (Buddhist Grand Master):   Your name is no coincidence.  You are a bridge between worlds of consciousness.  Use your gifts wisely.

Bridget BoVardia:  I will Master Hung Sen.



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